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Searching and googling for environmental resources online, I came across this morning with a practical and useful website called Kids Environment which is well-designed and has  a wide range of different topic regarding to environmental contents. You have  just to scroll down the main window called TOPICS and some others smaller tabs will come up on your screen with some  ecological issues such as pollution, reuse and recycle, the natural world, climate change or environment and health. Besides, the website offers good resources, educational material, activities and games to learn other English contents.

Helping the environment | 環境を守ろう | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council

Internet presents many resources and games that can be adapted for our English class to work on ecological values. Here I leave you this link in which there are games to create conscious and respectful children. For example, teachers can find sensory and creative games, scientific games, games to save water or games to know how to recycle.

Games to work body language, feelings and emotions

Imitate the sound of the wind with your breath.

Simulate the flapping of the birds with the movement of the arms.

Move at the speed at which some animals move.

Compare silence in nature with that at home.

Play with the footprint that the body leaves on the sand.

Observe the waves that are produced when touching the water.

Games that can be adapted to learn the importance of water

Children must understand that water is the most precious and scarce resource on the planet.

Not using the cistern as a wastebasket, showering instead of bathing or turning off the tap while brushing our teeth are small habits that they will only acquire if they see them in us.

There are simple games that we can introduce into our daily routine, such as incorporating a water meter in the shower to control what we spend.

The reuse of water that we do not really use (such as the first one that comes out before heating) for other needs (watering the plants, rinsing the dishes …) can be a family achievement and a reason for celebration every time savings increase.

My green energy planet sponsored by WWF and the AXA Foundation have launched an online game to promote renewable energy by choosing appropriate ways of life and respecting the environment.

Generation awake, powered by the European Union is an iniciative full of resources to train smart and responsible consumers. I would highlight the section dedicated to short animated films really attractive and appealing to children.

On the other hand, Desembasura is a mobile phone application that allows you to send photos of those places full of waste to show them on the map and report them. You can download it fro free from the app store.“Your smartphone will geolocate you, if you come across a black point, describe what you are seeing and take a photo of it. Thus, automatically, the waste point will be visible on the map “.

In addition, we can find really interesting online games to work on ecological values meanwhile children develops IT competence and Science competente. In this website called Plum Landing students can build up their own ecosystem, make a water safari or observe which animals are in danger in a concrete habitat. 

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